Monday, August 29, 2005

Chinese Physician

Long time no blog, today saw Ngai Lam's email & blog ... wah ... 穷书生really very pitiful. Ngai Lam, u must 加油! Sure will do very well for ur candidancy test one!

I always tell my students I got a bunch of very ZAI frens in NUS. How so many of them top the cohort and all. Really miss days in Uni. Haiz...

Tomorrow I am going to see the Chinese Sinseh at 中华医院 again. Actually very 夸张 leh cos' the first time i went to see this sinseh 陈凤明, he was like quite shock to feel my very 细 pulse. Then he was like telling me that my physical constitution very very weak. Need a long long time to 调理。 Wah ... really quite scared, cos' recently got chest tightness. Think i will see a western doc at the polyclinic this Thurs just to make sure that everything is alrite.

I am so glad that 1 week break is coming. I am going to be suffocated by all the work, marking, setting of papers, admin paperwork. Pray hard hard that I strike TOTO this Thurs (today not much luck), then I can go and learn 中医。

Me and Zhixiang going for the Options course quite soon ... really getting ready to give it our best shot!


  • At September 10, 2005 at 10:12 PM, Blogger Rena DC said…

    ms wang, it had been a long time u blog le! how r u??

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