Thursday, December 30, 2004

I'm back

It's been a long time since I last posted. School is reopening and work has been piling in since. Though I dread the enormous amt of work ahead, I am looking forward to it too! I think I will be home tutor again this year, and kinda look forward to it ... funny ... I vaguely remember sometime in the 2 yrs with T16 that I wished that I just teach Computing and not have to manage a home class of my own, till I see those photos I posted earlier. Trying as times might have been occasionally, I enjoy the bonds that we've built over e two years and kinda want more !!!

As each of us in T16 get on with life and do our own stuff, dun forget to keep in touch once in a while! And as for the meal at my place that I still "owe" you all, maybe it will be good to have it when results are out! In meeting today, I was reminded that the results will be coming out in roughly 8 wks time. Gasp ... for myself and each one of u there! :p

Think e gals and I can go swimming sometime soon? Wailing... me waiting for ur phonecall to confirm time and venue... haha.... still have Ms Wang's hp no?