Sunday, October 17, 2004

A belated post for 2T16 ...

Sorry for the late late post ... I did not manage to find time to post as right after the graduation , I rushed to HQ for meeting, then dinner with my Uni frens till late late, and on next morning, left to clean up my new place early early. And Sun, which is today, there was some traditional ceremony of exchanging gifts between Malcolm and my family. So that's why for the late post .... haiz.

I will definitely miss the times I've spend with the class of 2T16. One reason could be that this is my very first HOME CLASS, but more importantly, because of everyone who had given me much treasured memories in these 2 years.

It does not really matter that 2T16 is not the best home class of CJC 2003/2004. Neither does it matter that it is quite fragmented in its own ways. And I do not forget some of the "not-so-rosy" side of the picture, like how I remember my first setback with Poornima on the first day of school when she refuses to tell me her handphone no on the personal particulars form, how Ji-Hoon got caught by Bro. Paul for his big permed hairstyle, when the class went into this "anti-Pang" movement with the carplate-like card that says something about someone's physical defect quite bluntly. I will also not forget how PW caused so much "fun" for Ji-Hoon when he candidly asked about my "vital statistics", and how Abel-Poornima-Wailing-Matt group had so much difficultly and arguments in coming out with the first draft of the PW proposal. Then came the Rena "fall sick" period when she was needing much medical leave that leaves me wondering if I should also grant Ji-Hoon, MunTuck or Ervin early leave when they also complain of headaches. Will never forget how Eugene always imagine himself "pseudo" machine-gunning down pple arnd him and all the "rubbish" and "sense" he likes to blurt out. And also much pain when Swee Zhi was feeling so stressed up and finally decided to leave college a month before graduation. I also missed the times when Yin Wai, David and Benjo was arnd when they kinda gelled the class together. I do sometimes agree with Stanley that our class would perhaps function more like a unit if they were still sticking arnd. Jian Hao's remoteness and Henky's easy-goingness. Wai Ling's blurness, Rena's optimism, Poornima's determination, Eugene's maturity, Matthew's helpfulness, Abel's outrightness, and Ervin's overwhelming self-confidence will always remain with me.

The journey has been an enriching one for me. And I thank each of you in making an impact in my life. I share my pain and joy with you these two years, and I hope that I have shared some of yours too. Time has come for us to bid farewell and we can only reminiscence the good times. And I strongly feel that we need not be the best home class to share strong bonds. Goodbye and farewell, my friend, and I hope that we do meet again! All the best!


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