Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Inspirations ... and myself

It was really fun seeing Wailing's blog ... they were so farnie, so that inspired me to create my own too!

Some quick introd. abt myself
I'm a teacher in XXX college teaching Computing ... a long-forgotten subject, and I am the "form" teacher of this eccentric class of 2T16.

The biggest thing that is happening to me rite now is that I am getting married in exactly 1 month from today. So just like all other bride-to-be, I am trying all ways to slim down, or even to "appear" slimmer for the big day. So it is not hard to find me sweating it out at the school gym or running at 6.30am in the college tracks just to shed a few more pounds. :( I am also so depressed cos' I have to give up many many of my favorite foods.

I just received a call from my tour agency to confirm my booking for my honeymoon. Yes! I am going to California for my honeymoon this early Dec! And boy, I really look forward to it, just cannot wait ...